Evidence-Based Practice at the Bedside

MLGSCA 2012 Symposium Supplemental Information

The following information is intended as a supplement to my poster session at the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona’s March 2, 2012 symposium on evidence-based practice.  The poster, entitled Evidence-Based Practice at the Bedside: The Librarian’s Role in Promoting EBP Mobile Apps, addresses how librarians can effectively support EBP by educating their patrons about mobile apps.

Links to Apps

The following apps were highlighted as recommended resources:

Searching PubMed


Drug Information

Note Taking

More Helpful Links

Krafty Librarian – Apps: reviews of and commentary on apps from medical librarian Michelle Kraft

iMedical Apps: in-depth reviews of apps from a staff of doctors and medical students, plus tech-related medical news

UCLA Research Guide: PDA Resources: a guide to mobile apps from UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library

Additional Reading

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