Data Management Resources

Part of my work as a research informationist involves education and consultations on data management.  I teach a series of monthly workshops on data management topics at UCLA called Data Wednesdays, as well as other workshops related to data management.  This page collects slides, resources, and video recordings of some of these events.

  • Data Wednesdays main page – main landing site for the Data Wednesdays series, with an overview and registration info
  • Writing a Successful Data Management Plan – a general overview of writing a data management plan and using the DMPTool, primarily focusing on science data, but relevant to researchers across a variety of fields.  Includes slides, video of the session, and handout.
  • Describing Your Data: Metadata, Thesauri, Taxonomies, and More – an introduction for researchers on what metadata and controlled vocabularies are and how to use them to describe and contextualize data, with a focus on scientific research data.  Includes slides, video of the session, and handout.
  • Research and Collaboration Tools – a brief guide to free tools to assist researchers in collaborating with their colleagues, including introductions to Evernote, Dropbox, Endnote Web, and Mendeley.  Includes slides, video of the session, and handout.
  • Data 101: An Introduction to Data Management – very basic, broad overview of tools and best practices for data management and an introduction to the data life cycle.  Includes slides only.
  • Health Sciences and the DMPTool – part of the DMPTool’s webinar series on data management for librarians.  Provides an overview of the NIH Data Sharing Policy, what to include in a plan, and how to use the DMPTool to write an NIH plan.  Includes slides and webinar recording.

*Please note that these materials, like all the materials on my site, are offered under a CC-BY license – you are welcome to reuse, share, and adapt them, but please provide attribution to me when doing so.